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Crank – 2006

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The Crank was the movie in 2006 that’s starred by Jason Statham as Chev Chelios. This Action movie was released on Friday, 2006-09-01 in the theater. The Crank movie also starred by Jose Pablo Cantillo as Verona, and also Amy Smart as Eve.

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Crank [2006] Stars

Movie Stars :
Jason Statham as Chev Chelios
Jose Pablo Cantillo as Verona
Amy Smart as Eve
Efren Ramirez as Kaylo
Genre : Action, Crime
Rating : R
Duration : 87 minutes
Year : 2006

The Synopsis of Crank

Professional assassin Chev Chelios learns his rival has injected him with a poison that will kill him if his heart rate drops..

It’s a film about a guy injected with Speed… wait, there’s no bus. It’s a film about a guy who has to kick a bunch of squirmy butt to stay alive… wait, no snakes or planes here. But it is a film about doing lots of drugs and pulling lots of punches, and it entertains accordingly..


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